STEDI Philosophy

"The key to attracting qualified substitute teachers is not to lower the requirements or increase the pay; the key is training."

STEDI Profiles
Promote your professional substitute teaching skills to get that job!

SubSkills - Substitute Teacher Skills

STEDI Training- Guided Training for Substitute Teachers
Provides a comprehensive training system created just for substitute teachers.

STEDI-Activity Library - is building a library of activities for you to use in the classroom.

STEDIStrengths Pre-screening Tool - STEDIStrengths is a pre-screening assessment to help determine a potential substitute teacher's strengths and weaknesses in several key skill areas.

The Bus Stop Substitute Teacher Blog - The best substitute teacher blog with lots of information, tips, and fun for substitute teachers!

SubSuggestions Newsletter - Archive of eNewsletters for Substitute Teachers.

SubLinks - Links for Substitute Teachers - Links to other web sites containing information about substitute teaching.

STEDIcast Podcasts - The best substitute teacher training elements in a convenient, podcast you can download.

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"Revoluntionizing the role of substitute teaching into an opportunity for educational excellance."